Are you making the best use of project management templates?

There are three main phases to project management: (1) Proposal, (2) Initiate and Deliver, and (3) Closure. In total, there are 7 documents, that are called products, which the Project Manager needs to create. The products required in each of the 3 phases are below. See them as tools, not administrative overhead.

Start Strong. 

At the start, create a Project Initiation Document (PID) and Stakeholder Analysis.

Here comes the mess. 

During initiation and delivery, create a Risks, Actions, Issues, Dependencies (RAID) log, Project Status Report (PSR), Project Delivery and Resource Plan and Kick Off Document. 

End strong.

At the end, create a Lessons Learnt document.

Want to know more? Email anna@bromleyandsar, where I would be glad to share more insights and my favourite project management templates with you.

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