Agile Project Delivery

Harrods (2018)

Harrods needed to upgrade their SQL server estate before they would be out of support and liable to security attacks.  

The Problem 

Harrods had tried for a long time to get these servers with legacy SQL software updated but had failed to get things moving. I was hired to ensure there was a proper project approach, and plan in place, and that the project was monitored and tracked. 

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The Solution 

I implemented a number of tools and techniques to ensure the project was set up properly. Firstly, I gathered the right stakeholders together for a reset and understood what the pre-existing issues were, which seemed to revolve around unclear expectations. 

I set up workshops to align the database administrators and application developers who would be required to make the required changes. Once everyone was aligned, I drew up and agreed on the plan with the stakeholders and began weekly reporting based on progress, mitigating or raising any risks as they arose. 

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