Agile Project Delivery

Lyca Mobile (2023)

Strategic Launch of Slice Mobile by Lyca Mobile: A Comprehensive Project Management Success

The Problem 

Lyca Mobile, a leading mobile virtual network operator, sought to launch a new sub-brand, Slice Mobile, targeting a younger demographic with innovative mobile services. The project required the creation of a new brand identity, a mobile application, and a website, all while integrating a comprehensive CRM system. The challenge was to coordinate between various marketing, development teams, and system integrators to ensure a seamless and timely launch.

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"Bringing together multiple teams and vendors to create a cohesive brand and digital presence for Slice Mobile was a complex but rewarding challenge. The key to our success was effective communication and meticulous planning."

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The Solution 

To address the challenges, a strategic approach was employed, focusing on effective collaboration and detailed project management:

  • Infrastructure and CRM Setup: Coordinated the establishment of infrastructure and CRM systems using Salesforce Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud to streamline customer relationship management and marketing efforts.
  • Comprehensive Campaign Planning: Planned and executed outdoor, digital, print, and PR campaigns to build brand awareness and drive engagement. Additionally, developed a robust web SEO strategy to enhance online visibility.
  • Vendor Management: Successfully managed relationships with over five vendors, ensuring timely delivery and integration of various components. This included partnering with Plintron through Lyca Mobile to leverage their expertise for the successful launch of Slice Mobile.
  • Enhanced Communication: Improved inter-team communication efficiency by 30%, fostering a collaborative environment that facilitated problem-solving and innovation.
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Results and Benefits

The project resulted in several significant achievements:

  • Successful Brand Launch: The creation and launch of the Slice Mobile brand, complete with a new mobile application and website, were completed on time and within budget.
  • Improved Efficiency: Enhanced communication and collaboration between teams and vendors led to a 30% improvement in inter-team communication efficiency.
  • Effective Marketing Campaigns: The comprehensive go-to-market strategy, including outdoor, digital, print, and PR campaigns, successfully raised awareness and generated interest in Slice Mobile.
  • Seamless CRM Integration: The integration of Salesforce Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud provided a robust CRM system that streamlined customer interactions and marketing efforts.
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The successful launch of Slice Mobile by Lyca Mobile demonstrates the importance of strategic project management, effective collaboration, and meticulous planning. By coordinating multiple teams and vendors, setting up robust infrastructure and CRM systems, and executing comprehensive marketing campaigns, the project achieved its goals and set a strong foundation for Slice Mobile's growth. This case study highlights the value of clear communication, detailed planning, and strong partnerships in delivering complex projects successfully.

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