Agile Project Delivery

Masabi (2021)

Masabi accelerates its customer delivery of account-based ticketing, full fare collection, and hardware products. 

The Problem

Masabi had scaled up a lot over the past few years and their old ways of working were starting to creak under the pressure of more people in the teams, many more clients, and work. 

The development squads and services departments were also not aligned which led to a lot of frustration as providing transparency to customers on delivery status and forecasts was nearly impossible. 

Due to the way the organisation developed, the delivery was also set up around customers or projects, which no longer seemed suitable as many customers wanted the same things, and the project-based approach just seemed to be introducing more bespoke software and features onto the platofrm. 


The Solution

The CTO knew that the key to unlocking more customer satisfaction was to cement rigorous delivery and change processes as well as move to a product-based delivery roadmap. 

With that, as a team, we restructured the delivery roadmap from a product based angle. 

I also created and trained people on a new PMO and Portfolio playbook that explained the end-to-end delivery lifecycle. 

I also took on the programme management responsibility of the largest programme in the portfolio to create a full fare collection offering in North America.  

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