Agile Project Delivery

Publicis (2023)

SAP Transformation and application ecosystem integrations. Publicis Re:Sources gets its programme back on track to straighten out it’s Groupe Finance and Operations data. 

The Problem

While scale, history, and market expertise are what sets Publicis apart from its competitors, it also requires multiple applications with disparate data and heavy manual work to run the business. Agency finance and project personnel are spending a lot of time managing invoicing and employee information which reduced the focus on key agency work. This was leading to a lack of clarity in finance and operations data to enable effective decision-making. It was also harming the end client due to the lack of a consistent project process for engagements.

The team had scaled rapidly to service the Publicis business need, but there was a lack of clarity about internal project processes, confusion about team structure and goals, a chaotic attempt to aggregate a number of competing priorities into a clear direction from the teams, a roadmap that didn’t function, information that was duplicated and required updating in disparate places, reports that were inaccurate or incomplete, frustrated customers.

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The Solution

  • Revised interim Excel roadmap
  • Broke the team down from 2 teams into 7 + different streams
  • Clarified column names in the roadmap
  • Clarified, documented, and trained teams on the delivery process
  • Clarified ownership of different delivery areas
  • Distinguished the difference between the function of SNOW v Jira
  • Removed date duplication and the need for updates in different places
  • Eventually moved the roadmap and reporting 100% onto Jira Advanced
  • Trained & Coached team on Agile best practices
  • Hired Scrum Masters to manage the sprints



Results & Benefits

  • More appropriate team structure for delivery execution
  • Less delivery administration-related workload
  • Less stress
  • Less chaos
  • Happier staff
  • Happier customers
  • More organized project and programme delivery
  • Defined processes and areas of ownership for onboarding, delivery, communications
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Today, Publicis Re:Sources of course still struggle with competing demands and swift changes of priority, but the “nightmare” delivery phase seems to have faded with some restructuring, delivery expertise and rigor around managing their different outcomes properly.

If Publicis Re:Sources can do it, then you can too!

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