Agile Project Delivery

WPP IT (2018)

WPP IT needed to update their laptops to Windows 10 and replace laptops that were over 4 years old. 

The Problem  

WPP IT were running out of time to update their estate of laptops running on Windows 7. They also had laptops which had passed 4 years old and needed to be replaced. 

Microsoft was ending their support for Windows 7 which meant that many laptops would be exposed to security threats. 

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The Solution

I created a plan which involved starting a small pilot at a smaller agency (100 people) to test out the engagement communications and laptop rollout and refresh deployment strategy. 

We then sequenced the remaining deployments to the subsequent agencies, sticking to a strick count down plan which ensured each step of the process was adhered to. 

I set up weekly governance to review the progress and discuss any issues that needed escalating.