We’ve helped plan some of the world’s biggest brands’ projects. But just as importantly, we’ve helped them manage the change to make the benefits of their projects stick.


‘There is nothing more difficult to carry out nor more doubtful of success nor more dangerous to handle than to initiate a new order of things.
(That’s what Machiavelli, political philosopher, says.)


Now imagine the new order of things is your transformation project. You can be waiting for status updates on a weekly basis or you can have up-to-date information readily available. It’s your call.

Collaborative platforms like SharePoint are where people go to do their work; to get background information; to get updates on objectives, work packages and project assets. These platforms can work for you or work against you. And your project managers need to be the guardian of these products; the eyes and ears of the project. They need to be leaders, knowledgeable, organised, and trained in the art of war. It’s a tough gig.

And then there’s project planning.

A project plan – even the best project plan in the world – won’t cut it on its own. To end up realising the benefits of your hard work on projects down the line, you’ve got to make sure you start and end well – not to mention the hard work in the middle.

So we adhere to Prince2 best practice to make that happen. Which means getting the right people involved; starting with feasibility studies to test ideas; and assembling project briefs and outline business cases to make sure we’re not wasting anyone’s valuable time or money. And that’s before we even get to the detailed planning.

That’s why we see project management like baking a cake. You need the recipe, a list of ingredients and a step by step set of instructions telling you when to use what ingredient and in what way. You will also need to tailor the recipe, ingredients and instructions based on the size of the cake.

So as each project is unique we blend our experience and knowledge of best practice to meet the needs of your organisation.