Agile Project Delivery


My Story 

One of my earliest memories is of me obsessing over the arrangement of an ornament collection made up of mostly sea animals like dolphins which I had proudly collected over many weeks of dedicated trips to the local town to purchase a new one with pocket money from my nan. I feel this story highlights an attribute of my personality I cannot escape - the need for structure, order, and alignment. And it's probably at the heart of why I do what I do now. 

Where it all Began 

My interest in business started when I was exposed to the family business when I was growing up. My parents started selling fruit and veg on market stalls and boot fairs in Kent and Essex. They then went on to open a Farm Shop called Bloom and Veg, which is still running today! From this experience, I learned about all facets of business operations. I went to the night market - New Spitalfields - with my Dad regularly so I learned about imports, exports, negotiation, and invoicing. I worked in the shop from as young as 10, helping elderly customers to their cars with bags - Customer Service. And in the summer months, I sat outside with the compost, keeping an eye on the garden compost, large bags of potatoes, and gas cylinders that thieves loved to steel - Security.

Expanding my Skills 

When I was a bit older, I started helping with more complex business tasks. I took stock of inventory and prepared lists of items needed in the market - inventory and forecasting. I helped my Dad with his first website - web development. I painted signs out front to attract cars driving by - Marketing. And when I was old enough to drive, I even packaged orders that had been made and delivered them in the back of my Ford Fiesta to Care Homes, Cafes, and restaurants. Undoubtedly, all of this made me who I am. 

Academic & Professional Growth 

I then went on to study Business Studies and Information Systems at GCSE, then 6th Form, and finally at University as well! 

Between 2011 and 2015 I was creating, delivering, and managing events, promotional, and digital marketing campaigns. 

Founding Agile Delivery. 

Then in 2016, after a side step into managing technology projects, I started my company Agile Project Delivery.  Over the past 7 years, I've delivered 11 global technology transformation programmes for enterprise-size organisations. 

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